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“We love Dr. Chowdhary.  I was a scared to death mom with a kid who was struggling bigtime from what we suspected was ADHD.  And so fearful of all that comes with that diagnosis of him changing from medication, having to be on medication regularly, the right dosage, etc.  She was able to find the perfect fit for our family, my son is doing awesome, he has flexibility of not having to be on medication all the time, and family life has changed back to a happy home.”


“Thank you [nurse practitioner], you have put me on track for a brighter future! Anyone looking for a psychiatrist that truly understands where you are coming from and has a genuine care for [their] patients’ recovery you need to go see [nurse practitioner] at Beautiful Minds in Frisco, Texas.”


“Dr. Chowdhary has been helping me for over 4 years now and I must say that she has helped me cope with my depression and anxiety. The office is great. The ladies upfront are super nice and I usually don’t have to wait long in the waiting area. I recommend Dr. Chowdhary to anyone who has mental health issues. She is patient, understanding, and will help you cope with whatever you’re dealing with.”


“This place is great, nice staff, welcoming, and helpful. They are great with working with your schedule too make sure you don’t have any scheduling conflicts! The waiting area is very cozy, and dose not at all feel like a doctors office. It has plenty of nice magazines too read, as well as a couple of TVs. Very nice place, I recommend to any one needing a psychiatrist!”


“Dr. Chowdhary is a very good psychiatrist and staff is very kind. She’s been great at managing my medications and communication is very easy and relaxed.  She has helped me through the process of growth I have developed, and I have a great support system. In my life I’m so blessed to have 4 very special friends in my life! I’ve learned how to develop communication in ways I never have before. She also recommend a great treatment center I’ve ever experienced called Carrolton Springs, in Carrolton. I highly recommend this as well.”


“I have been seeing Dr. C for over a year now and will never go anywhere else! All the ladies in this office are sweet and SUPER helpful! Dr. C cares and wants ALL aspects of your life to be running smoothly!”


“I was afraid that I will be trying a lot of different meds before find the right one. I was able to get onto the right med the 2nd round. Dr. really listened and cared about my well being.”


“Two of my kids, 14 and 17 comes regularly to Beautiful Minds to get their medicines filled and to talk about how things are progressing. We have never had any issues with this place and we like the staff. We definitely recommend Beautiful Minds to anyone in need of a psychiatrist.”

Humera Chowdhary MD
8501 Wade Blvd Suite 110
Frisco, TX 75034

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