What our patients have to say about us…

“We love Dr. Chowdhary.  I was a scared to death mom with a kid who was struggling bigtime from what we suspected was ADHD.  And so fearful of all that comes with that diagnosis of him changing from medication, having to be on medication regularly, the right dosage, etc.  She was able to find the perfect fit for our family, my son is doing awesome, he has flexibility of not having to be on medication all the time, and family life has changed back to a happy home.”


“Thank you [nurse practitioner], you have put me on track for a brighter future! Anyone looking for a psychiatrist that truly understands where you are coming from and has a genuine care for [their] patients’ recovery you need to go see [nurse practitioner] at Beautiful Minds in Frisco, Texas.”


“Dr. Chowdhary has been helping me for over 4 years now and I must say that she has helped me cope with my depression and anxiety. The office is great. The ladies upfront are super nice and I usually don’t have to wait long in the waiting area. I recommend Dr. Chowdhary to anyone who has mental health issues. She is patient, understanding, and will help you cope with whatever you’re dealing with.”


“This place is great, nice staff, welcoming, and helpful. They are great with working with your schedule too make sure you don’t have any scheduling conflicts! The waiting area is very cozy, and dose not at all feel like a doctors office. It has plenty of nice magazines too read, as well as a couple of TVs. Very nice place, I recommend to any one needing a psychiatrist!”


“Dr. Chowdhary is a very good psychiatrist and staff is very kind. She’s been great at managing my medications and communication is very easy and relaxed.  She has helped me through the process of growth I have developed, and I have a great support system. In my life I’m so blessed to have 4 very special friends in my life! I’ve learned how to develop communication in ways I never have before. She also recommend a great treatment center I’ve ever experienced called Carrolton Springs, in Carrolton. I highly recommend this as well.”


“I have been seeing Dr. C for over a year now and will never go anywhere else! All the ladies in this office are sweet and SUPER helpful! Dr. C cares and wants ALL aspects of your life to be running smoothly!”


“I was afraid that I will be trying a lot of different meds before find the right one. I was able to get onto the right med the 2nd round. Dr. really listened and cared about my well being.”


“Two of my kids, 14 and 17 comes regularly to Beautiful Minds to get their medicines filled and to talk about how things are progressing. We have never had any issues with this place and we like the staff. We definitely recommend Beautiful Minds to anyone in need of a psychiatrist.”

“Dr. Chowdhary and her staff are very responsive to my specific concerns about my child’s needs and symptoms. When I recently sent them a message detailing some problems with a medication, the staff responded within a few business hours and helped me schedule an appointment for us to see Dr. Chowdhary the next day. Dr. Chowdhary is good at explaining why she does or doesn’t think it’s wise to change a medication, which helps me to understand why she’s making certain recommendations. I appreciate her care and good judgment.”

“I’ve been with Beautiful Minds for 4 years. The staff is so nice and pleasant. The doctors and nurses I’ve worked with are so kind. The place accepts diverse individuals like me who has autism. I am 33 years old and they help people with nuerodivergent minds such as ADHD and Autism. They help children as well which I think is amazing because its so hard to find a good psychiatrist who works with both adults and children. They refill my meds on time and work with me when I need to reschedule. They do whats best for their patient, so if youre an adult or have a child who needs someone who cares. Come to this place!”

“Dr. Chowdhary and her staff at Beautiful Minds quite literally saved my life! I was experiencing complications after a surgery that involved psychiatric symptoms. The Doctor took these symptoms very seriously and advocated that I take extra time off to heal and investigate these issues. She went above and beyond, filling out extensive paperwork for my job and for my schooling to insist that I get the help I need. She pro-actively and frequently checked on me and my progress, referring to specialists as needed. I recommend her and her staff highly. She is also flexible and willing to meet remotely. Her office uses the Klara app which makes everything even more convenient and communication immediate and responsive.”

“My family has been affiliated with Beautiful minds for four years. My two teenagers have received the most quality care from the doctors and staff there! Their communication and reminders for appointments is excellent and they have always had flexible times to work with my family. Again, the service and satisfaction from this office has been five star!”

“During the pandemic when you couldn’t get in any where a social worker gave me the number for Beautiful minds. They were a life saver for my daughter. We got the right meds and my daughter is happy, healthy doing well in school. I appreciate the doctor but also her friendly staff!”

“I became a patient of Dr. Chowdhary’s in 2013 while I was in a mental health facility. I have always had very good care, empathy and kindness from her. She will adjust my medications accordingly. She has waived so many fees during the last 4 years while I was uninsured and even with insurance when my funds didn’t allow for payment which I appreciate from the bottom of my heart. Really ,how many Dr s would do this ??) If this doesn’t scream empathy , kindness and worry about a patient I don’t know what does. I would definitely without hesitation recommend Dr. Chowdhary. I want to publicly thank Dr. Chowdhary for my care the past 9 years.”

“Dr Chowdhary goes above and beyond . She has helped my relatives child when all hopes were lost Dr. Chowdhary was the one to never give up . She changed that child’s life . I was there to see the worst time of that little child’s life and now that child is thriving . The mom always had prompt reply’s from her kind and caring office staff and she never had to wait for Doctor Chowdhary to respond back in a crisis situation. I highly recommend Doctor Chowdhary!!!!!”

“I have been seeing Dr Chowdhary for over 5 years and she has been phenomenal. She truly cares about her patients and always does everything she can to help you!!! Great Doctor and Staff!!!”

“This has been a life changing experience for me, I feel like I have regained myself back, I am more alert, present and active and is able to enjoy my life again. I am so thankful to Dr . Chowdhary, the compassion and caring nature she has for her patient is amazing . Not to forget the stuffs are amazing, the warm welcome I received every morning from each of them ,just made my day. Today I just feel so satisfied and happy about myself , I think , I just made the best decision of my life”

“We have been seeing Dr.Chowdhary since April 2020. She has been an excellent doctor who has really helped us. She is someone who really cares about her patients and takes the time to listen to what they need. She makes sure that you are comfortable with the outcome of every visit.”

“Beautiful Minds is very responsive through the Klara app. We left another psychiatrist about a year ago due to never being able to get in touch with him in between appointments. We hear from Beautiful Minds the same day, and often get a response the same hour! They are knowledgeable and kind, and I am so happy we found them.”

“I have been seeing Dr Chowdary for over 10 years & I will never see anyone else. She is caring & really gets to know you & is really concerned about your well-being. There’s a lot of psychiatrists out there that just prescribe pills & push you out the door, but she is NOT like that at all. She really cares about you! And never makes you feel like there’s something wrong with you. She sees my daughter too & is really good with teenagers. My daughter loves her too. She also does telehealth.”

“I have been a patient of Dr. Chowdhary for nearly 10 years. She always puts my health and well-being first. She listens and is ways helpful. I never feel rushed when I have my appointments. Dr. H Chowdhury and her staff are THE BEST OF THE BEST.”

“I have been going to Beautiful Minds for the past 4 years. They have been always been very helpful and go out of their way to accommodate their patients. Dr Chowdhary and her staff are truly awesome!!!”

“Dr. Chowdhary and office are very professional. Their virtual appointments process is very easy.”

“My daughter has been very picky with finding a Doctor she is comfortable with and trusts. Dr. Chowdhary has been the only Doctor that my daughter has felt comfortable working with. I’d recommend Dr. Chowdhary to anyone! The team working at the office is great and always helpful as well!!”

“Awesome experience! The staff, the licensed counselors and doctors were all extremely helpful in guiding me through mental obstacles through college. Definitely recommend this practice!”

“This office is great!! They take wonderful care of my daughter. They are the best at what they do. Sonia Pillai is a Godsent and our family loves her. If you need a caring compassionate doctor please chose Beautiful Minds.”

“I’ve been coming here for years since I was a kid and as an adult I still come here, I highly recommend Dr. Humera Chowdhary”

“I have absolutely working with Dr. Chowdhary. She has been attentive and receptive of my needs. The office has been wonderful and friendly, and does the best they can to squeeze me in when needed. I would definitely recommend!”

“Dr Chowdhary was very patient with me and understanding! The staff is awesome! Couldn’t ask for anything more in a doctors office!”

“Dr. Chowdhary’s office has always taken good care of our needs. Appointments and refills are made in a timely manner. You can tell that all of the staff at Beautiful Minds work hard to make you feel comfortable and cared about. They have a great team!”

“As a parent I can’t say enough good about Beautiful Minds. We have been seen there over 8 years, sometimes for emergency appointments. But no matter what we have ever needed they have always done everything possible to help. Unfortunately kids like mine aren’t always paid attention to. Dr. Chowdhary ALWAYS makes our son feel like he is in control and that he is the most important person in the world. I really wish that providers and people like her were not so hard to find. The world would be a better place with more people like Dr. Chowdhary.”

“She has been my children’s psychiatrist for several years. My kids have had a bit of a love/hate relationship with her over the years from children to adults. However, what they see is that she is an excellent doctor. She doesn’t baby them. She gets right to the point and figures out what needs to done, both with the child and me, the parent. My kids have been through some really difficult things. Dr Chowdhary and her team (sometimes they see a Nurse Practitioner) have provided excellent care through some tough challenges. It is easy to get an appointment. The office staff are exceptional and very responsive. Highly recommend.”

“Dr Chowdhary has been my Dr for over 10 years now. I appreciate her so much. She is straight forward and honest, that’s the kind of Dr I want.”

“I’ve been with Dr. Chowdhary for many years now and she’s great! She has helped me with PTSD, depression, and anxiety-related problems.”

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